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amdudus, Thu May 02, 2019 7:21 pm

With the kind consent of the administrators, we continue to travel along the thorny FOREX roads.
Now in two formats:

1. Post DARK ENERGY FOREX will talk about business methods, systems, algorithms in FOREX. We are looking for the best trading methods, secrets of secrets. We give paid for free. We form and send material for a closed group.
Participation in the group fee - from 10 US dollars.
You can pay to one of the accounts listed below.
Be sure to include your nickname on the site and E-mail (for mailing).
From this point on you receive the main block of information with all changes and additions, receive periodic mailings of commercial and other products that are interesting for work.
Thus, you can have products that are several times higher than your premium.
Perfect Money (USD) U 876 76 88
Skrill mygeres @ gmail, com
PAYEER P 92443747
PAYPAL (hidden)
So it was at the post of partisans.
The changes are as follows:
1.All participants of the PARTISAN project receive mailings for FREE and further.
2. Now 100% of your contributions go to charity. Paid
I buy commercial products myself.
3.Organicheskaya number of group members - no more than 100 people.
4. In connection with another activity that is very interesting for me, breaks are possible.
5. The FULL ARCHIVE of MATERIALS is also sent to the new participants.

2. The post LUXULY HI-NEWS is not quite about forex, but it will be useful to you.
This is a chronicle from the world of high technology. Everything that interests and unites people close to science and technology, as well as receiving the fruits of the first two in the form of useful devices and gadgets, I collect. and spread. here in an accessible and understandable way. Do you want to understand how the universe was formed, what dark matter and dark energy is, how life appeared on our planet and what will further evolution lead to?
Join us and be aware of all these and many other events, discoveries and developments.
Not every day, but often interesting articles will appear on the post, news, rumors, hypotheses and theories from the world of virtual networks, technologies, space, medicine, physics and chemistry, that is, everything that makes our planet rotate, are collected and analyzed. and our imagination is to work. On the site I will write serious things in a simple and understandable language,
It will be enough only to begin acquaintance with one of the many articles presented at the post, and you will forget about the time.
My approach to providing content can be described in two words: “available” and “understandable.”
Only the most interesting from the world of high technology!
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