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Re: Coding Help

Understanding, Sun Apr 28, 2019 5:08 am

Hello! I really need your help. It is necessary to modify the AllHeikin-Ashi_v2.4.mq4 indicator; it needs to be changed, namely, add various filters and functions to it from other indicators that are attached in the archive. I'll sign for now.

1) In the AllHeikin-Ashi_v2.4.mq4 indicator, you need to change the code responsible for the MA_Method field so that it does not prescribe a digit from 0 to 26, but choose the type of MA from the drop-down menu according to which a digit is specified in the code from 0 to 26.

2) From the indicator ema variation + filter 3 mtf_edit.mq4
please, copy code correctly:

Code: Select all

enum enPrices


pr_close, // Close

pr_open, // Open

pr_high, // High

pr_low, // Low

pr_median, // Median

pr_typical, // Typical

pr_weighted, // Weighted

pr_average, // Average (high+low+open+close)/4

pr_medianb, // Average median body (open+close)/2

pr_tbiased, // Trend biased price

pr_tbiased2, // Trend biased (extreme) price

pr_haclose, // Heiken ashi close

pr_haopen , // Heiken ashi open

pr_hahigh, // Heiken ashi high

pr_halow, // Heiken ashi low

pr_hamedian, // Heiken ashi median

pr_hatypical, // Heiken ashi typical

pr_haweighted, // Heiken ashi weighted

pr_haaverage, // Heiken ashi average

pr_hamedianb, // Heiken ashi median body

pr_hatbiased, // Heiken ashi trend biased price

pr_hatbiased2, // Heiken ashi trend biased (extreme) price

pr_habclose, // Heiken ashi (better formula) close

pr_habopen , // Heiken ashi (better formula) open

pr_habhigh, // Heiken ashi (better formula) high

pr_hablow, // Heiken ashi (better formula) low

pr_habmedian, // Heiken ashi (better formula) median

pr_habtypical, // Heiken ashi (better formula) typical

pr_habweighted,// Heiken ashi (better formula) weighted

pr_habaverage, // Heiken ashi (better formula) average

pr_habmedianb, // Heiken ashi (better formula) median body

pr_habtbiased, // Heiken ashi (better formula) trend biased price

pr_habtbiased2 // Heiken ashi (better formula) trend biased (extreme) price

2.2 If compatible, add this code:

Code: Select all

extern double Divisor = 3; // Divisor to use for "ema" calculation

extern double Filter = 1; // Filter

extern int Precision = 5; // Precision

extern bool Interpolate = true; // Interpolate multi time frame data?

- all that is compatible from this, that it was transferred and worked correctly.

3) From the AMkA.mq4 indicator
copy code correctly:

Code: Select all

"//---- периоды

extern int periodAMA = 9; //период расчёта к-та эффективности

extern double nfast = 2; //период EMA для эффективного рынка

extern double nslow = 30; //период EMA для неэффективного рынка

//---- расчёт сглаживающей константы

extern double Pow = 2.0; //степень эффективности

//---- фильтр сигналов

extern double dK = 1.0; //коэффициент для фильтра

extern bool use_stdev = true; //использовать стандартное отклонение
It is very important that all this does not conflict in the calculations between themselves. Please add what is really added. I want the "top" and "bottom" to be better identified by the indicator. I attach a set (settings file). On M1 I use this indicator with settings from .set. Very grayscale indicator can turn out. Thank you in advance and hope for your help in refining this indicator. If you have a desire and time to help, you will be very happy. All the necessary indicators are a part of the code from which I ask to transfer correctly to AllHeikin-Ashi_v2.4.mq4 in this post in the attachment.

There is also a dream to see an adviser based on the modified AllHeikin-Ashi_v2.4.mq4 indicator.

Advisor skills:

1. As soon as it became aware of the color of the relevant sell transaction (by default it is red color), the sell transaction also opens here, when the color changes to the corresponding purchase (by default it is blue) to close the open sell and open buy.
2. Make it possible not to be tied to color, but to Volume, that is, to give the sell and buy values ​​their identifiers so that there is no dependence on a particular color so that you can change the color without affecting the work of the adviser, so that if you set it to sell black and for buy orange, so that the adviser understands where to buy, and where to sell.
3. So that it was possible to set a trailing stop, martingale on / off, a customizable ability to double the volume of a losing trade by the Martingale method while losing.

I hope for your timely assistance and answers on the subject of the request. All the best, health, good and more money!)
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