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Re: Dashboard Type Indicators for MT4

bilbao, Sun Apr 28, 2019 2:01 am

Price Evaluator


You will find the history in the experts tab or the mql4/logs folder.

It has to be attached to H1 charts of the wanted symbols.

The important information :

- Spread average : average spread in pips of the symbol during the hour.
- Time average : average time in seconds between two ticks during the hour.
- Freeze : total number of seconds during the hour when the time between two ticks is more than 4 seconds.
- Ticks : total number of ticks during the hour.

You collect the data during one day, or several day during one week and then you will be able to compare brokers price feed.

More ticks there is and better (in theory) is the quality of the data; More than 80 000 ticks per day, the broker may be in connection with several liquidity providers.
Less ticks there is and poorer will be the data; Less than 30 000 ticks per day, the broker may be in a bad shape, with no real relation with a liquidity provider, no brokerage license, etc...
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