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Re: MT4 Indicator requests and ideas

1AndrewLawler, Tue Dec 04, 2018 9:43 am

Hi, here's my request for an alert explained clearer. I've asked before but didn't explain it properly so here it is. Hope you'll help me out here. I watch a few pairs at a time after picking a direction and miss trades as they sometimes come unexpectedly or I'm not there or i just miss them. Difficult focusing for long periods on several pairs and if i don't focus on them i'm not there or they come quickly . A pop up alert with notification would make a lot of difference. Here it is

1. Alert when a box starts to form with information of the time frame that the mtf sup dem is set to.
2. If a sell box starts then alert if price moves down outside of the box.
3. If price moves down outside the bottom of the box more than a user defined amount of points and then returns toward the box Alert when price is a user defined amount of points away.
4. If a bar closes and price has not moved away from the box more than the user defined amount of points and price returns to the box then Alert once only for each bar
5. If price moves back into the box and closes inside start again at 2.
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SupDem Mod.mq4
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