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Re: МТ4 Trading Systems: TRADE EXPRESS

amdudus, Thu Sep 20, 2018 6:22 am

Shepherd Gann Squares Free
This indicator is a market analysis method based on the "Mathematical formula for market predictions" article written by W.D. Gann depending on square of nine and square of 144 methods.
Indicator has a panel, which allows you to
Move between SQ9 and SQ144.
Choose perfect style to trade on (Levels, Channel, Star, GannFan, Circles, and Grid for SQ9).
Choose Angle /Time/Space (Square Of 9 Basics).
View Higher Time Frames Analyzes On Current chart By Using Frame method.
You can extend the panel and there is buttons to view additional analyzing tools (Pivots/Fibonacci Zone/144 Levels)
In extended panel there is an alarm button by activating it you will be notified on time/price lines.
In extended panel there is general info on your account (Number/Balance/Equity/Symbol)
In extended panel you will description of your detected SQ9 Style (Type /Strength/Markets status duo to this shape).
You can minimize this panel from minimize button
You can hide all of indicator drawings from Close Button.
You can reset drawings by clicking reset for current time frame and reset all for all time frames
Every line works as a support/resistance as Gann explained in his books.
This is the free version of this product: Shepherd Gann Squares
The full version has Square of 144 calculations added to this free version
The free version only draws square of 9 calculations.
Use_System_Visuals - Enable\disable System Template.
SQ9_Settings - Separator.
Auto_Detect_H_L - Enable\disable detection of high/low automatically.
Relate_Time_With_Angle - Enable\disable relates angle and time.
Rotation_Count - Number of rotates for square of nine levels.
Show_Prices_At_Left - Enable/disable prices on the left.
Show_Prices_At_Right - Enable/disable prices on the right.
Position_Of_Right_Prices - Position of text of angles depending on chart start.
Show_Basic_Fans - Enable/disable basic fan only in G.Fan style.
Show_Time_With_Fan - Enable/disable time separator with fan.
Rectangles_Color - Color of channel rectangles.
Arcs_On - Applying arcs on (0=Time&Price/1=Time /2=Price).
Star_Color - Star line color.
Star_Width - Star line width.
Diamond (Style/Width/Color).
SQ144_Settings - Separator.
SQ144_Color - Square of 144 color.
Show_Time_Separator - Enable/disable square 144 time separator.
Time_Sep_Color - Square Of 144 time separator color.
Square of 144 Fan lines (Color/Style/Width).
Sub_144Fan - Enable/disable square of 144 sub fan showing.
Rectangles_9(16/64)_Color - Color of 9 (16/64) rectangles.
Rectangles_9(16/64)_Style - Style of 9 (16/64) rectangles.
Rectangles_9(16/64)_Width - Width of 9 (16/64) rectangles.
Price_Time_Zone_Color - Contracted Zones Color .
Fibo_Zone_Settings - Separator.
Fibo_Zone_TF - Period Of Fibo Zone.
Fibo_Zone_Color - Color Of Fibo Zone.
Basic_Levels_Of_SQ_144_Settings - Separator.
Color/style/width/rotate for SQ144 Levels
SQ144_SubLevels_Settings - Separator.
Show_SQ144_Sub_Levels - Enable/disable SQ144 SubLevels .
SQ144_SubLevels_Color - Color of SQ144 Sub levels
SQ144_SubLevels_Width - Width Of SQ144 sub levels
Pivot_Settings - Separator.
Pivot_Time_Frame - Period of pivots .
Show_Levels_Name - Enable/disable names of pivots levels.
Show_Pivot_Line - Enable/disable showing of pivot level.
Pivot_Line - Color of pivot level.
Show_SR_Levels - Enable/disable support and resistance pivot levels.
Support_Line - Color of pivot support levels.
Resistance_Line - Color of pivot resistance levels.
Pivots_Font_Size - Pivot text font size.
Notification_Settings - Separator.
Push_Notification - Enable/disable push notifications.
Alerts - Enable/disable alerts.
Color/Style/Width of notification lines.
Show_Last_Candle_Counter - Enable/disable candlestick remaining time counter.
Candle_Counter_Color - candlestick counter text color
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