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Re: МТ4 Trading Systems: TRADE EXPRESS

amdudus, Mon Sep 17, 2018 2:35 am

In the trading indicator Step Stoch, the delay is eliminated, which at multi-display allows almost instantly to respond to a trend change
The trading indicator Step Stoch displays in the basement part of the chart the movement of all Stochastics from timeframes M1-H4 every minute.
The Step Stoch indicator has a significant advantage - it eliminates the delay characteristic of all Stochastic indicators. For example, the fact that on the timeframe H1 (or M30) after the rise began to fall, on the usual Stochastics you will see in 60 minutes, on the M30 in 30 minutes. On the Step Stoch indicator you will see this in a minute and you can act in a more favorable position and get the best result.
In the Step Stoch indicator, you see all the Stochastics together and can analyze their movement to make optimal trade decisions without delay, which previously led to a significant loss of the profit achieved at the close of the deal, or to a late opening, when the initial part (usually significant) of the possible profit already lost. On the Stochastics Stochastics lines, you will see the start of the process of changing the current trend faster than everyone else.
The trading indicator Step Stoch automatically adapts to the 4 and 5-digit quotes and the timeline of the chart.
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