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MT 4 analog clock update

modanetfx, Sun Sep 16, 2018 5:03 am

Hello here, ]First i want to appreciate all the folks here, that were active members of the defunct forex TSD, that has been merged with MQ5 website; Again thanks for Maden for finding time to join us here. To go to the point, i got this indicator from forex factory some time ago, but the new MT$ BUILD does not allow it to oad. pease is there any coder here that can make it work on current mq4 platform? Attached herewith are the indicator and all other attachment. I got the indicator from a thread that seemed to have been deleted from forex factory. I shall be grateful if any coder could look into it and make it work on mt4 platform. thanks for your precious time. Please if you have an updated version do not hesitate to upload it . Thanks
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