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amdudus, Tue Aug 07, 2018 6:04 am

Not merging advisor mesh - Survivor Expert Advisor

Here is a brief summary of information from several Russian forums. Maybe everything below is written the truth and you'll like working with it.
Is it possible to combine a grid strategy with a safe trading style? In a general sense, the words: "grid" and "security" in the field of trading are antonyms. However, there is an exception - an adviser to Survivor, whose trading results say that such a combination is possible.
Using a deposit of 100 USD, this expert is able to double the account size within 1-2 months. At the same time, used in every deal SL guarantees that your funds will remain safe.
A non-merging adviser Survivor is a semi-skalping indicator expert using the principles of averaging and an intelligent system for controlling risks.
With the help of a whole set of indicators, Survivor controls the direction of the trend and selects the most suitable local corrections for making deals. Transactions are only in the direction of the trend, after which the multi-currency adviser Survivor exposes the physical SL and TP.
Further, if the price went to the side of the transaction, the position is closed by Take Profit or by the reverse signal of the indicators. If the price goes in the opposite direction, the adviser adds averaging positions and "jumps out" from the market at the first rollback on the reverse signal of the indicators, without waiting for the achievement of quotes SL and the moment of output of the total position in profit.
The entrance to the market is carried out by a signal from a large number of indicators Forex: Bollinger Bands, RSI, ADX, DeMarker, Moving Average.
If after the opening of the transaction the price went in "our" direction, it closes by take profit or according to the indications of indicators about the beginning of the price movement in the opposite direction.
If the price goes against an open order, then the order grid is built, which closes when it rolls back to profit.
The number of orders of the grid of Advisor Forex Survivor is limited by the parameter "MaxOrders". At movements on which the robot collects a grid of orders greater than specified in the "MaxOrders" parameter, a loss is fixed. Parameters of order setting, indicator properties and exit conditions are specified in the external parameters of the Expert Advisor and can be adjusted and optimized.
Due to the fact that this non-merging adviser concludes about 80% of profitable trades, the profit is enough to get a steadily growing profitability schedule, and to trade with a virtually absent drawdown by equity.
Survivor Terms of Use
• Timeframe for trading - M5
• Currency pairs - EURUSD USDJPY GBPUSD USDCHF (as well as other pairs after preliminary optimization)
• Minimum deposit - from 100 USD
• Recommended lot for trade - 0,01
• It is recommended to use VPS for trading around the clock
• ECN-brokers are recommended.
Using a fixed lot 0,01, this adviser, trading on any of the recommended currency pairs, during the period from 2010 to 2017, was able to disperse the trading account from 100 to 1300-2500 USD, concluding in profit more than 80% of transactions with absent drawdown by equity (that is, with the absence of green "snot" on the profitability graph). If you use the Auto-lot option during the trade, you can achieve even greater results, since the adviser will increase the lot size independently after each doubling of the trading account.
To start using, it must be installed in the trading platform MT4 and load into it the required set-up file for the currency pair. After that, a minimum fixed lot of 0.01 will be set in the Expert Advisor and you can start trading.
In order for this adviser to get a more frequent and stable profit, we recommend using several currency pairs on the trading account. However, for this, the minimum deposit must be increased, allocating for each pair of 100 USD.
Also, we recommend trading ECN-type accounts for trading, which will help the robot to earn more efficiently than on a normal account type."
Before you place an advisor on a trading account, check it in the tester and on the demo account.
Examples of transactions below.
From the analysis of the EA Survivor EA's work, you can see that the robot uses a huge number of indicators.
And at first glance it seems that with the help of such an abundance of indicators, the robot analyzes the market in more detail. However, perhaps it's just an attempt to confuse the user and to distract attention from the fact that the robot often "overstays" the drawdown, opening the grid of orders in anticipation of a rollback of the price in our direction.
Although we must admit that the results of the tests on the history gave a good result, but the final conclusion on this robot can be done only on the basis of real trade.
Survivor Expert Advisor Settings
A pause in trading at the opening of Monday is a pause in minutes. 0 - off.
The trading stop time on Friday (hh: mm) is the stop time in hours and minutes, with the empty value being off.
The closing time of orders on Friday (hh: mm) - the closing time in hours and minutes, with the empty value - off.
Parameters for the first entry into the position of Survivor Forex advisor.
Bollinger Bands - parameters of the Bollinger bands:
• periodBB1 - the period;
• deviationBB1 - the number of standard deviations;
• bands_shiftBB1 - the shift of the tape;
• priceBBUP1 - the top line of the indicator (calculated at closing prices);
• priceBBDN1 - the bottom line of the indicator (calculated at closing prices);
• CheckBarsBB1 - skip the number of Japanese candles.
RSI - parameters of the RSI indicator:
• periodRSI1 - period;
• priceRSI1 - calculation of the indicator at closing prices;
• levelRSIsell1 - sales level;
• levelRSIbuy1 - level of purchases.
ADX - ADX indicator parameters:
• periodADX1 - the period;
• priceADX1 - calculation of the indicator at closing prices;
• levelADX1 - the calculated level in the Survivor advisor.
DeMarker - the parameters of the indicator DeMarker:
• periodDM1 - period;
• levelDMsell1 - sales level;
• levelDMbuy1 - level of purchases;
MA - parameters of the indicator "moving average";
• UseMA1 - use the indicator or not;
• MA_Period1 - period;
• Ma_type1 is the MA type;
• Ma_price1 - calculation of the indicator at closing prices;
• Slippage_MA1 - slippage.
"Parameters for subsequent inputs" and "Parameters for reverse".
Parameters of the Advisor Forex Survivor:
Lots - the size of the lot;
Risk - risk;
MaxSpread is the maximum allowable spread;
Close_Revers - close on the reverse signal;
Step_Input - retreat to the best price when you re-enter, 0 - off;
TP / SL Settings:
Sl is the stop loss;
Tp - take profit;
TP_SL_ATR_Period - ATR indicator period for calculating take profit and stop loss;
TP_ATR_Multiplier - multiplier for dynamic take profit by ATR;
SL_ATR_Multiplier - multiplier for dynamic stop loss by ATR;
MM_type - selection of the management mode: 0 - off, 1 - for the transaction, 2 - for the series;
Martin_Type - Martingale strategy type: 0 - off, 1 - increase the lot for the loss in the transaction, 2 - for the loss in the series;
Lots_exp is the multiplier of a series of warrants issued by adviser Survivor Forex;
MaxOrders - the maximum number of orders in a series;
MAGIC - a parameter that allows the robot to identify its orders.
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