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mtp, Fri Jul 20, 2018 8:31 pm

The truth is that the indicators are like lights in the car you drive. They can only help. So, for example, today I'm in GBP / USD. I am guided by my analysis today. The picture can be this: Sellers will count on the formation of a false breakout at 1.3048, which will lead to an increase in short positions with the test 1.3014. The fastening below 1.3014 may crash the British pound into the support range of 1.2957, but for this it is necessary to break below the low of yesterday's level of 1.2995, where it is likely that an attempt will be made to reverse the downward trend. If the pound is rising in the morning, you can go back to sales after updating resistance 1.3083.
Then I look at the indicators.
Now the question is , which comes first!
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