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amdudus, Mon Jul 16, 2018 5:00 am

mamak wrote:
Mon Jul 16, 2018 4:01 am
amdudus wrote:
Sat Jul 14, 2018 12:05 am

Here the inputs and outputs are due to the duplicating indicators of the Murrrey and ZigZag indicators. This is shown as an example. Here are similar entries today.
A very important role in changing the trend is played by the indications of ZUP 148 and 150 indicators. Today's example
Hi expert..
is there any update for this template ?
including indicators and DLL stoploss cluster please...

i see this template is less noises.. and my stoploss cluster indie wasn't working and need DLL file.

please.. would you mind

many thank's
I reported the updates to the template above. Stoploss Сluster works without problems without any updates.
Do not forget to authorize on the site. In addition, you may not want to use the Stoploss Cluster indicator.
Traders are not particularly ingenious and set stop-loss at the so-called levels of resistance and support. At the screen I showed it with arrows.
In the new template, you only need to see the Key Levels. There will be or close to them a cluster of stop-loss.
They collect data from the market, as possible. But there are private data that no one translates. Therefore, work with this indicator should be temporary for you, in order to learn how to determine the accumulation of stop-loss without it.
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