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amdudus, Sat Jul 14, 2018 10:55 pm

Sniper 1-4
Very simple market essence that will turn your trade from unprofitable to profitable.

I decided for some time to describe a unique in its kind trading strategy - "Sniper", which has no analogues in the whole Internet. Initially, this trading algorithm was paid for, but the frantic profitability of the system gave its own. To the author began to enroll in the students more and more people, information about the strategy became more and more widely available. About it began to write articles on popular sites about Forex on the Internet, there were a lot of videos on Yutub. Over the years, there have been updates, and now we already have Sniper 4.0, Sniper X In just a few months of such an excitement, the rules of the TS "Sniper" could learn anyone who wants. True, there was one nuance - the strategy was intended more for professionals, so not everyone could profitably trade on it. At the moment, the situation is as follows: there are a lot of information on the Sniper's trading strategy on the Internet, but here is a rare article or video describing the algorithm in a completely understandable language.
I want to fix this and give a full step-by-step instruction for traders, accompanied by visual illustrations. After reading a number of articles to the end, you can easily start earning on the strategy "Sniper", even if you are a beginner. Of course, you can not immediately get the maximum possible profit on the system, but still you will not be able to master some of the rules.
This is a great job, especially since the drawings will have to do the original in English.
Perhaps, we should pay tribute to the author of the system "Sniper" Pavel Dmitriev. One can not say for sure whether he is a genius, a diligent person, or both, but Paul has simply done a tremendous job to create his TS. He went to the success of more than 10 years, poured on Forex not one deposit, worked for brokers to understand their secrets. As a result, he still managed to create that strategy, which will bring more than 100% of the initial deposit per month. It should also be noted that the "Sniper" TS is an unacknowledged strategy. On the deep conviction of Pavel Dmitriev, the indicators are not capable of making a profit, their signals are late and literally copy the schedule. The truth is there, although I want to say from my own experience that there are quite decent options among the indicators. Let's try to connect it.
So, go ahead!
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