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amdudus, Tue Jun 26, 2018 2:31 am

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They write, of course, beautifully:
"When we developed DuettoFX we wanted to develop something new. We call it indicator but it is something in between an indicator and a trading system. You can use it in both ways and it’ll give you great results whatever is your approach.
The basic concept behind it quite simple: pair trading (or spread trading). But done “our way”. What DuettoFX does is comparing two currency pairs that are (directly or inversely) correlated and easily tell you when it’s time to go long one and short the other, and vice versa.
This is a strategy that is generally used in stock trading but we ported it to Forex based on our previous experience about currencies’ correlations. And based on that we found that trading with inversely correlated pair is the appoach that can lead to fenomenal performances
More than 25.000 pips in 25 months using 5 “duettos” (pairs of crosses) inversely correlated between them. What’s best is that it is just the start!
The system performes like that by using a very simple swing strategy opening and closing trades at the cross of the two lines when the spread goes beyond a fixed threshold. Can’t be simpler than that.
But it can be much more profitable than that. Our tests told us that the potential is 4 times bigger.
DuettoFX not only tells you when to enter/exit trades but also tells you how many lots you have to use for each pair in order to have a “balanced” spread. The calculation is based on the average daily range (range between the high and the low of each day).
Default settings are made for the indicator to be applied to 1H charts. But the indicator can be applied to any timeframe. Also we’ll provide you with a list of “duettos” we are trading and that perform best based on our backtests and experience. But you are not tied to use them only and the indicator can also be applied to any pair of currencies (and timeframe)."
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