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amdudus, Sun Jun 17, 2018 1:48 am

Indicator of Open Interest in CME futures.
Practically ready fundamental strategy.

Preliminary reports of the stock exchange are published every day (except Sunday and Monday) at 7.45-8.40 Moscow time (sometimes there are delays). Final reports usually come out during the first hour of the American session. Recommendations:
1. Place the indicator on any template that you like.
2.Set the time frame M15, M30 or H1 of the currency pair on which you trade in a separate window. This is an information chart. Because of the specifics of the indicator, do not change the timeframe or tool. The schedule or platform as a result of such actions often hangs. When changing the timeframe or tool, as well as when there are obvious bugs in the display, it is recommended to remove the indicator from the chart and then apply it back to the chart.
3. With a slow internet and / or a weak computer, it is not recommended to leave many graphs with an indicator open. This can cause the terminal to hang for a while when it is reopened.
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