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amdudus, Fri May 25, 2018 4:59 pm

For the project participants.
Mini Oanda - an effective tool for analyzing the behavior of the crowd in the market.
It displays data on the open positions of buyers and sellers at specific price levels.
One of the few tools to date that provides a trader with really useful information that greatly simplifies the adoption of trading decisions. Unlike various price indicators, which, as a rule, do not carry any semantic load, Oanda's glass of applications displays quite real data about trading positions and open applications of traders. :thumbup:
Pending Orders
1 - Limit orders for sale + Take Profit from transactions for purchase.
2 - Bai Stop Orders and Stop Losses from transactions for sale.
3 - Sell Stop Orders and Stop Losses from transactions for purchase.
4 - Limit Purchase Orders + Take Profits from transactions for sale.
Open Transactions
5 - Profitable transactions for sale.
6 - Loss-making transactions for purchase.
7 - Loss-making transactions for sale.
8 - Profitable transactions for purchase.
9 – Derived
MV (Middle Volume) - The middle of the volume of the glass.
OB, OS - Overbought, oversold - 80% of the glass.
SR - Resistance from limit orders.
GR - Attraction from stop orders.
RP - The point of minimum value of profitable traders.
10 - The ratio of Deferred purchases and sales.
11 - The ratio of open deals to buy and sell.
12 - The ratio of profit and loss transactions.
13 - The type of glass display.
14 - Currency pair.
Data update For Oanda source, data is updated every 20 minutes with a delay of 5 minutes from Time Slepka.
That is, new impressions appear in xx: 05, xx: 25, xx: 45 Other nuances If you click the left mouse button on the chart (where the candles are), the cast of the glass will be fixed, and a blue bar appears on the chart. To cancel the hold, press the left button again on the chart.
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