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Re: Tsar - Dynamic Zone Trading System

rijay, Fri Feb 02, 2018 3:39 am

Tsar wrote:
Fri Feb 02, 2018 1:03 am
Dynamic Zone [DZ]

Dynamic Zone [DZ] is a tool of Technical Analysis [TA], which refers to such Standard and the Traditional robot as the Levels of Support & Resistance.
The Dynamic levels are different from the Classic horizontal lines of Support and resistance because they are always changing and correcting, which can be understandable from the very title of these levels. Unlike the dynamic lines, the classic lines of support and resistance differ, being stable and static.
It is much easier to monitor the Trend of Price changes of a financial instrument, as it takes into account the current situation in the World market, but not only the Historical statistics.

The Dynamic Zone [DZ] Indicator offer Trades a unique way to design and improve a variety of Trading Systems.
Traders can use any indicator in conjunction with Dynamic Zones [DZ] to design Systems that adapt to the Market conditions.
And Dynamic Zone indicator [DZ] is Best explained by describing how it Solves a common Trading problem.

Traders Dynamic Index [TDI}

Traders Dynamic Index (TDI) is a comprehensive but helpful indicator that uses RSI (Relative Strength Index), its moving averages and volatility bands (based on Bollinger Bands) to offer traders a full picture of the current Forex market situation.
A hybrid indicator that helps Traders to determine the direction and strength of the trend, market volatility and the overall market situation - all at the same time.

A. Tsar_Premier Dynamic Zone series :

1. Tsar_Premier - DZ OmA (One more Average)
- Tsar_Premier - DZ OmA Polychromatic
- Tsar_Premier - DZ OmA Polychromatic_HA
- Tsar_Premier - DZ OmA Polychromatic_HA + PAC

2. Tsar_Premier - DZ Multi Pass Averages (19 Method)
- Tsar_Premier - DZ Multi Polychromatic
- Tsar_Premier - DZ Multi Polychromatic_HA
- Tsar_Premier - DZ Multi Polychromatic_HA + PAC

B. Tsar_Advanced Dynamic Zone series : [/b]

1. Tsar_Advanced - DZ OmA (One more Average)
- Tsar_Advanced - DZ OmA + TDI_Polychromatic
- Tsar_Advanced - DZ OmA + TDI_HA
- Tsar_Advanced - DZ OmA + TDI_HA PAC
- Tsar_Advanced - DZ OmA + TDI_Pure HA PAC

2. Tsar_Advanced - DZ Multi Pass Averages (19 Method)
- Tsar_Advanced - DZ Multi + TDI_Polychromatic
- Tsar_Advanced - DZ Multi + TDI_HA
- Tsar_Advanced - DZ Multi + TDI_HA PAC
- Tsar_Advanced - DZ Multi + TDI_Pure HA PAC


I say many thanks to : :angel: :thumbup:
1. mladen as a Creator Dynamic Zone MT4 indicator.
2. mrtools as a Support MT4 indicator.
2. v2vboni as a Development TDI indicator & Support MT4 indicator Tools.
it appears that you have many good different system combinations with you
as this pictures posted previously were interesting too
looking forward to many good indicators and systems from you too.
hope you will keep this thread open for discussion and updates.
dema macd zones amp alerts 2 & Multi Pivot DWM - 1.jpg
dema macd zones amp alerts 2 & Multi Pivot DWM - 2.jpg
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