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Re: MT4 Indicators with alerts/signals

starchild77, Tue Jan 30, 2018 3:35 pm

Deez wrote:
Mon Jan 29, 2018 7:10 pm

Hi Starchild, i had the same request about a month back but was sadly declined as MrTools notified me that because of the higher timeframe filter the indicator can repaint therefore will give false signals, however i do hope he does reconsider your request because it is still an awesome indicator :thumbup:
Hey Deez,

Somehow, I managed to get the Alerts :) ...I'm not at all a programmer in mq4 just do some Javascript :) but looking into the code of Mladen for other alerts..I inserted the Codes..but its only 50% working in the sense, it gives alerts every time the bar changes its color while we only need ONE TIME when the Color Change ( or slope change) from Red to Green or Green to Red.

The alerts are taken from Detrended Synthetic Price (bars) alerts, but since its MTF filtered from 1 Hour TF into 1 MIN....we get lots of alerts....:) ...well, something is better than nothing i least now it gives alerts on every bar change.

P:S > I just noticed...It repaints when the MT4 closed & open again, however, even with repainting, since it is 1M chart, the trend is not affected as the trend stays for a long time.

If any member would be kind enough to improve the alert...that would be great :angel:
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