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saroq, Wed Jan 24, 2018 8:09 am

pacois wrote:
Wed Jan 24, 2018 12:52 am
saroq wrote:
Wed Jan 24, 2018 12:46 am

It doesn't repaint, at least I have not seen it do that. Here is something that I have noticed that it does. It will print a red sell candle and that red sell candle may move to the next days candle but it doesn't change from a sell to a buy. This happened on a Friday close so it may have something to do with it being the last candle of the week.

I have not been using it for a long time but I thought it was promising enough to share.

It would be best to try out the signals for yourself on a demo account.
Thanks, it's very kind of you
I have attached two pictures of the EURCAD to show you what I mean by the arrows moving to the next candle. That is a problem but so far I have not seen them repaint from a sell to a buy or from a buy to a sell.
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