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Re: Mladens PTL Bo system Lets Turkey shoot 80% accuracy greed included

traderduke, Thu Jun 29, 2017 4:56 am

shreck wrote:
Wed Jun 28, 2017 11:16 pm
Hi emicovi,
You can do what he did,if you follow his description aqua 15m change to 5m timeframe
Great job on this strategy! First of all I'm not trading Binary, at this time. The following is my forex concept using your Wave trend Idea. I tried the wave with several options but couldn't get their. I will set an EA to trade the current settings but will need help coding/reading the future TF YL/DB. The trends are located on the (0-13) 13th buffer, which makes reading them easy. I'll call them the (Long YL/DB-NxTF-2-2), (Medium Gr/Red-Current-14-20) & (Short BL/Gry-Current-3-9) range WT's.

I assume (using 1 & -1) your strategy is to
1. Enter the buy trade when all 3 are 1-buy and enter the sell trade when all 3 are -1
2. exit when you get a reversal of 1 or -1 from the Medium WT ????

I checked several TFs and M15 & H1 seem to give the best visual. What TFs due you find the best??

Best Regards
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