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Re: Moving Average indicators for MT4

mntiwana, Sat Apr 22, 2017 4:15 am

Dearest MLADEN
As you told and explained so many times before,and as for as i remember :
1 : TriangularMA centered bands - mtf & alerts (centered TMA)
2 : averages - mtf - alerts 8.9 (LWMA with bands)
3 : averages - mtf - alerts 8.9 (LSMA with band)
4 : SSA end-pointed nrp mtf alerts + arrows 2 (SSA EP)

These are approximately same regarding formation ,though not 100 % - I means for centered tma,lwma,lsma and ssa end point - so i tried to Experiment on these for to tell our fellow traders,who always asking for centered TMA - so these are the safe alternative to centered TMA :)
In upper pictures Yellow color for centered TMA - Blue for LSMA - Deep pink for SSA EP
in lowest pictures - lsma blue,lwma white and centered tma yellow colored
one thing i like request to add within "SSA EP" an shift option (in pictures the deep pink colored)
TriangularMA centered bands - mtf & alerts.mq4
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averages - mtf - alerts 8.9.ex4
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SSA end-pointed nrp mtf alerts + arrows 2.mq4
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