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Re: Indicators by William Blau (TSI, SMI, ECO & more) for MT4

mrtools, Fri Apr 07, 2017 10:26 am

mntiwana wrote: Dearest MRTOOLS
I tried many times and was behind from days to get some thing pretty as results but what i noticed,it can not be handled in long term trading with current parameters and methods,may be some smooth method like TMA,SMOOTHER or Jurik kind will help,do you think if schaff and or EFT/IFT can be applied some where but i do not know exact,of course you knows better i am just guessing around
as for short term it is already doing well as seen in picture
Mntiwana, maybe try this version, it's using one more average for the smi and phase accumulation.
dz smi oma.png
Dynamic Zones pa adaptive SMI Oma arrows.mq4
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