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Re: Chaos theory made simple - for trading

Krelian99, Thu Mar 02, 2017 4:04 am

Darkdoji wrote:Sure Krelian99,

Nice views you have there, of course those are your views and I am not in any position at all to contend with anything you have said. However, what we have put out here has nothing to do with theorizing properly considered, but I can only respond to specifics. You of course appear to have had no time to look at any of the stuff on offer or consider their implications so it is tough for me to follow your thinking. Playing the chaos game for instance is not theoretical and doing so allows an experience that informs directly about how the market actually works. I really have nothing else to suggest. But thank you for your positive engagement - I am not interested in indicators - I am interested mainly in exactly how price moves and timing moves for direction and range as accurately as possible - that is what Multifractal analysis offers.

I tinkered with fractals years ago and ended up with Wavelets - Elliot Waves is also based on idea. I really like waves and if you do signal-processing or financial market analysis you see that everything moves in waves with some more or less bias. Zooming in or zooming out - quite the same picture. Exactly what you are looking for.

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