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Re: Chaos theory made simple - for trading

Krelian99, Thu Mar 02, 2017 1:58 am

There are many interesting books and stuff to read, but since I have only one life and some other time-eating hobbies I have to cut things and evaluate their usage.
A setup that works for advanced traders is the mtf chart positioning on your table (two, three or all seven). As far as I know Bill Williams put some indicators on one chart and called that 'multi-dimensional' and 'related to the chaos-theory'. I'm not d'accord with that. Different indicators aren't different dimensions. In trading platforms you have the possibility to use indicators in mtf-mode. I absolutely don't like it, but I don't indicators either NTL, confirmations for your trading chart you can find in the lower and in the higher tf. If the tf is too low or too high you lag of seeing these fractals related to your trading chart.

A more practical but still enough theoretical approach to the Chaos-Theory is the Wavelet approach (big waves (from FA) needs long time, small waves (from TA) needs short time) and the time-frequency-map (e.g. Choi-Williams-Distribution which I highly recommend for signal-processing).
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