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Krelian99, Sat Feb 25, 2017 11:59 pm

I do my best [wink]

On some pairs SMA100 works better than EMA50, also intraday as M15 of USDJPY. Spearman ranks (auto-correlation) works also very well here. Wait till price is below all MAs and Spearman enters the zone or is already orange. Res versa in up moves. When the trend is extreme long, you have the same issues as any other oscillator - it shows exit too early and re-entry to late. As filter Sperman is a nice tool. And since USDJPY is good volatile, you won't wait too long for some green pips. Counter-trend scalper also may find it useful.

USDJPY M15.png

USDJPY H4.png 

Edit: You must put the spearman.dll into the Libraries folder.
USDJPY M15.png
Spearman Rank Correlation fl.mq4
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