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Krelian99, Sat Feb 25, 2017 10:56 pm

I don't trade DAX, but if it helps, it is very correlative to the CAC. Use it as confirmation and cross divergences.

Not only in the newsletter of Investing.com from the beginning of the week they wrote that the DAX most likely is to fall. The CAC was at a strong support line and made double bottom and DAX also bounced from the EMA50High over all EMAs back into the trend and was pushed gently higher and higher till a plateau was formed and here had also CAC a double top. Guys can always say that TA wouldn't be reliable - in the end is always the market right and afterwards the same FA guys only tell why they were wrong. I trust my eyes more than people I don't know and for whom they work.

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DAX & CAC H1.png
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