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Forex-station recommends OctaFX

FXSurf, Thu Feb 23, 2017 12:35 am

[QUOTE=friend4you]Interesting. What do you think of the wavetrend indicator 1.4 on first page here:
It's for your pc better, if you use different templates instead of same indicators 6x, but only on some timeframes visible.[/QUOTE]

That's a previous version of WT, however as you can see in the template i have it set as a simple oscillator.

As far as using different templates for different TF, that's up to personal preference. My systems have no problem running up to 10 different MT4 instances displaying 6 pairs at a time. I also like having the ability of switching TF's without having to open another profile/template 

MT4.JPG  setup.JPG
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