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Adding alerts to a MTF Fractals indicator

slava, Tue Feb 14, 2017 6:40 pm

Hello all,

I am wondering about the feasibility of adding alerts to a free MTF Fractals indicator from TrueTL. Most fractal indicators I have encountered will only alert price breaks of the current support and resistances fractals. If the fractals are not broke they disappear once new fractals are formed. However, I would like to have alerts for when price touches any of the previous 'unbroken' fractals too like the picture below.

From what I can gather from the code, the price is stored in the two draw arrow buffers for the first three candles of the fractal after which the buffer is set to EMPTY_VALUE and a horizontal line object is drawn from the subsequent candle until the price is broken.

So I guess my first question is: is what I want to do possible? I figured I could store the time and price of when the previous support fractal is formed so that when it is broken I could simply use iBarShift to fetch those values but the previous support fractal is not always the next lower fractal once the current one is broken.

Anyone have any ideas?

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