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Re: Pacific Financial Derivatives

Anonymous, Tue Feb 14, 2017 8:21 am

"Pacific Financial Derivatives Limited (PFD-NZ), founded in 1991, may be based in Auckland, New Zealand, but its Forex services have a decidedly global reach. The company is authorized by the Financial Markets Authority in New Zealand and is a member of Dubai Gold Commodities Exchange. It is also a member of the Financial Dispute Resolution scheme in New Zealand, a third party service that helps settle resolutions between companies and their clients.FD offers brokerage services and trading platforms for trading in Spot Foreign Exchange, Spot Metals, Spot Oil, Commodities, CFDs, Indices and deals in Futures CFD Contracts for small, medium and large investors and market participants across the globe."

The above is what I found on the internet. 
Next, here I post a chart based on the PVRSA threads (also a BIG thanks to Tobi), of course I 'personalised' it a bit, by adding some elements ....
so on that chart with comments you will see the actual spread of that certain moment of taking the pic.

Also welcome, Mntiwana ! Like I expected, you were already kind of busy here, ha ha.  

Hmm, I'm thinking about what flower I will post now for my personal member picture ??? I will sleep over it.

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